If God is so good… Why?

If God is so good, why would He let someone suffer like that?  I've heard this question numerous times.  God showed up one day and now I know. Until that divine day when I see Jesus face to face, I will never know why He chose to let me see a miracle.  I have been … Continue reading If God is so good… Why?


My peace I leave with you

Although it’s a new day dawning, sometimes it feel as though the sun has set on the day before it had a chance to began.  Feelings of hopelessness can consume us and cloud our connection to God.  Now more than ever it’s important to meditate on God’s word.  He must have something pretty special happening … Continue reading My peace I leave with you


Think about this… -“What did God tell Elizabeth and Zechariah?” He told them that they would have a baby. -“What did Zechariah believe?” He questioned God, and didn’t believe he and his wife would have a baby in their older age. Luke 1:18, 20 Zechariah said to the angel, “How can I be sure this … Continue reading SOMEONE ELSE IS RIGHT?

Hardest Question to Answer

Who Am I? Who are you?  Before you answer that question think about whose you are.        Are you a student, a daughter, an athlete, an artist, a musician, or a best friend?  Does God look at you and say “there’s my favorite musician, or whatever your title may be?”  I bet he’s saying … Continue reading Hardest Question to Answer

THE Most Important Bible Verse

I think these might be one of the most important Bible verses that I haven’t paid attention to enough. I wondered if other people did the same thing? I have been stuck on the verse about accepting Christ as my Savior for my salvation, but haven’t paid attention to ALSO we need to be in … Continue reading THE Most Important Bible Verse

Poppy Lifestyle!

Hi All!  I wanted to tell you about a new shoe company whose sole purpose is uplifting fellow women like yourselves and the women around you.  It's called Poppy!  How cute is that? The creators of Poppy value compassion and kindness and are dedicated to inspiring women to follow their dreams.  I had the privilege of … Continue reading Poppy Lifestyle!

Hello There!

Hello again!! I took a three year break to live a little and be purposeful with my family time.  I'm excited to start writing and chatting with all of you again!  I had forgotten how much I love to write and share what's in my heart.  I did some soul searching and looked deep within … Continue reading Hello There!