The Good News Box – A Christmas Family Devotion


Book Summary

Do you want to see more of Jesus in your Christmas celebration?

Wouldn’t it be great to start a new tradition with your family?

Step into the journey of Jesus’s life as you prepare your heart and soul for one of the most special days in our Christian faith, the birth of our Lord. Each daily devotion inside this book is tied to a simple gift within The Good News Box. The items you are asked to place inside the box will contribute to understanding the brilliance of Jesus while celebrating His life and birth all month long!

Experience the true meaning of Christmas with your loved ones all the days leading up to our Savior’s birth. The instructions on how to do this are within the book you are holding. Along with a daily devotion, find out how to give Jesus a gift while also enjoying a hands-on encounter to talking about Jesus!

Cyndi invites you to join in this special tradition with her and her family. Spending only a few minutes every day during the hustle and bustle of December, will recharge your spirit and remind you of whom Jesus is. Why not slow down this season and remember the true meaning of Christmas? God wants more of His son in our days.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

What a great way to get your family involved in the true meaning of Christmas! I am always looking for creative ways to help our kids understanding what Christmas is really about. I love the way this devotional breaks out a concept each day while at the same time remembering the great gift we have been given through the birth of Jesus. It is also so neat that is interactive and not only are you reading and discussing, but you have an activity as well. I plan on giving this as a gift to all my family members this year!

Thoughtful way to share the season..for a reason

By Ani

This book is an amazing way to connect with family regarding the true meaning of Christmas. It is a wonderful reminder of who Jesus is, and how he came to save us and share His Father with all of us ! The devotions help get the conversations started, and who doesn’t like opening presents ?? I am looking forward to this as our new family tradition, and will be giving copies to all of our friends & family so that they may know the joy that comes from sharing The Good News Box.

146 thoughts on “The Good News Box – A Christmas Family Devotion

  1. We’re not just related in the Lord, we’re neighbors!! Well, at least as far as states go. My beautiful treasure of a wife and I moved to be closer to our kids of all days, July 4th, 2012, from Arizona to Colorado. What a beautiful, beautiful change. We lived in Arizona for almost forty years, a transplant from Washington state, but you know what? Our Heavenly Father IS so great and awesome that He always helps us find the beauty no matter where He takes us!
    New to THIS style of media, but I LOVE your blog so since I am following you, just wanted you to know that I put a link in my left-side navigation under the heading: Some Blogs I Follow
    I so look forward to reading more of your posts as I am collecting a lot of potential blogs to follow. It is AWESOME to see so many brothers and sisters in the Lord connected! Body Ministry within the “Bride of Christ” is alive and well!!
    God bless you AND your family richly and greatly!


  2. Cyndi, thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I hope that it was as enlightening as I have found yours to be. I recently took a group of youth to Colorado and we were able to make summit on one of the top 10 highest mountains in the state…it was refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world and convene with God and His creation. Your family is certainly blessed to live in such a beautiful part of our country!


  3. Hey Cindi Lu I truly thank you! I’m new to blogging and was very excited to see you had stopped by my blog. I’m looking to make my page sparkle a little more. Anywho, have a great Wednesday!


  4. Hey Cyndi,

    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I also live in Colorado. We moved here in 2008.

    Keep up the great writing on your blog. I have really enjoyed what I have read.



  5. Hello Cyndi Lu~
    Thank you SO much for visiting my blog, following, and Liking my entry “Crimson”
    I am inspired by your blog to continue to share the best thing in the world that I can ever boast about: my Lord and Saviour.


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking “The First ‘Bible Study’.” In a way, I envy you being in Colorado. We moved from there 12 years ago to be nearer the grandkids. Our driveway was 5 minutes away from the mountains. Really miss them!

    Thanks, again, and God’s best to you.


  7. Thanks for stopping by our blog! We hope you’ll be back as we continue our Bible Study on Rebuilding the Temple. Lesson # 2 – The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” will be posted on Sunday morning. Look for all subsequent lessons every Sunday morning. God bless you as you seek Him, Cyndi Lu.
    Ta`Mara Hanscom


  8. Hi Cyndi,
    Happy that you popped by my blog and liked my post Oxygen! I completely agree with you that God can bend and shape us but not break us. He does test us beyond our expectations but never beyond our strength!

    I wish you and your family a close walk with our Lord, He loves you guys very much, I’m sure!


  9. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for stopping by and clicking the Like Button today. Great blog GOD will always make a way. Continue to Be a Blessing because you’re Blessed. Blessings, Mtetar


  10. Hello and thank you so much for stopping by Ivegotconfidence and liking some of my most recent posts. It’s a blessing to watch what God is doing in His children and seeing how they are using the gifts and talents they have been given. God bless you as you minister to others through your blog!


  11. Thank you for following God’ Our Father God is truly amazing so understanding of God’s Image,True ‘Personality’ and God’s ‘Nature’ makes loving God easier and more meaningful. Thanks for your encouraging post. God bless


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