Poor In Spirit

“Blessed is the poor in spirit,” for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.   Matthew 5:3

When I hear poor, I think of poverty-stricken, a person struggling to make ends meat.

Poor combined with spirit brings on a different meaning.  I need to not get stuck on my first impression of poor and maybe replace that word with humility.  When I think of SPIRIT the words, heart, character and energy come to mind.

And BLESSED? The words divine, redeemed, and rewarded come to mind.

At first impression, I think God is blessing those who don’t have a lot when it comes to material things. Taking a closer look, I hear, “rewarded are you whose heart is in need of God.” Admitting we need God and giving God the praise he deserves shows humility. That is where God desires our hearts to be and to rest.

If my heart stays in a place of humility, I won’t be burdened with pride or anxiety because of trying to keep up with the impossible. God is way more creative and good with his words than I am.  If I give God the credit for an idea he gave me, then my heart confesses humility.  We are vessels used by our Creator to do His works.

God knows our heart and he knows where there is pride.  I confess to God that I’m happy to be used by Him.  I love the ideas and the words he gives me.  Words may come out of my mouth, but God is the driving force behind my actions.  It’s easy to get caught up in the “world”, because living in the world is a lot easier than living in a state of God.

He gives us free-will. Choose him and how he would handle things, or choose the world.  My heart craves to know God and how he wants me to act.  When I’m in the world, I am not very poor in spirit, I’m not humble, and I hurt others.

I am wanting to be in a state of “poor in spirit”, so that I may fight the ways of the world and be strong enough to not be of the world.  Poor in spirit might sound like a weakness, but It’s quite the opposite.

Have Fun with god




8 thoughts on “Poor In Spirit

  1. Thanks for your post. I am left with an understanding of “poor in spirit.” Having a humble heart is desirable. Also, recognizing God as giving one the words to speak keeps one humble, not puffed up.
    Betsy Borchardt


  2. Hi. It is suppossed to be known as the “pour” in spirit or those who understand something completely…the image of a glass that is completely filled to the top or person who agrees with God completely. Alive this way, you experience what God causes Himself to experience and that is the supreme emotion of Hallelujah.


  3. You are right, being poor in spirit is not weakness at all. Amazing right?

    I have been siting with the beatitudes in the sermon on the mount for half of the pandemic. It is said that the sermon on the mount is the most well known sermon ever and the most misunderstood lol. The Values of the kingdom of God are the opposite of the the kingdom of the world, you have touched on this.

    The world – The answer is in you, are the captain of the ship, you deserve everything you want and work hard to get what you want…
    The poor in spirit…you are morally bankrupt and bring nothing to the table, are not capable of living the Christian life in the flesh and have no resources to meet the standards of Jesus.

    May we strive to be poor in spirit!

    Peace to you


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