Hardest Question to Answer

Who Am I?

Who are you?  Before you answer that question think about whose you are.        Are you a student, a daughter, an athlete, an artist, a musician, or a best friend?  Does God look at you and say “there’s my favorite musician, or whatever your title may be?”  I bet he’s saying something more along the lines of “There is my child, whom I love.”  He may have given you many traits to succeed as one of those titles, but your identity runs much deeper that that.  You are God’s daughter.  You are a child of the one true King, the maker of heaven and earth.  You were chosen and you are a new creation.  (2 Corinthians 5:17)

I am God’s child -John 1:12

God needed you and has a purpose for you and he makes no mistakes.  Before your life began, the end of your story was written. All of the ups and downs, twists and turns, and everything in between were carefully chosen and allowed in order to shape you into the person God needed you to become.  He made a plan to grow you into a unique bundle of light to shine throughout.    You are God’s workmanship.  (Ephesians 2:10).  He took great care in weaving you into his plan.

Answering the question of who you are is not an easy question to answer. 

Your parents were uniquely chosen for you, to mold you and send you into the world.  God made no mistakes in creating you.  

So ask yourself…

Who am I?

If you lost everything today, who would you be?

21 thoughts on “Hardest Question to Answer

  1. Good post. Along these same lines I like John 12:24.

    Imagine the amount of information that is placed within the seed for an apple tree. The seed is placed in the ground…dies…and is transformed into a tree that springs up out of the ground and grows with incredible purpose, momentum, and energy…to become the God-intended, full-size, large tree that produces edible fruit…apples!

    As human beings…we have more information placed within us than that placed within a seed of an apple tree.

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    1. I can appreciate that. And I appreciate your writing. I came across your blog the other day and found my self reading on and visiting again. Best wishes to you!

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  2. That is a very humbling question to think about. When I do, and it’s often, I think of all God has done in my life and the living waters flow out my eyes. Who am I to receive such love from an Almighty God. His love and grace is amazing. I found this song recently,

    Your Grace Still Amazes Me

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  3. I listen to a talk that asked me to ist the 5 things I would tell someone about myself in the order I would tell them here are my answers
    1. My name is Michele
    2. I am a Christian
    3. I am married
    4. I love my cats
    5. I am Lutheran
    My pastor thought that was pretty funny

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  4. Thank you for taking the time to write your light into a sometimes dark world! I appreciate your James 1:2…I wrote Worthy Perseverance (January 15 post on the FROG Blog) and you’ll see the tie in with your James 🙂 Christina

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  5. Very good post. I am God’s child created in His image to love, worship and glory Him. I am God’s child created to love my neighbor as my self. I am God’s child created to fulfill destiny. 😊

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