THE Most Important Bible Verse

I think these might be one of the most important Bible verses that I haven’t paid attention to enough. I wondered if other people did the same thing?

I have been stuck on the verse about accepting Christ as my Savior for my salvation, but haven’t paid attention to ALSO we need to be in His will in order to go to heaven. Correct me if I’m wrong, I want to understand.

6 thoughts on “THE Most Important Bible Verse

  1. I believe once saved always saved. However for some Jesus is not really in their heart. They may call themselves Christians but Jesus is not Lord of their lives. For some pastors Christianity is a career and not a calling.

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  2. Compare and contemplate the passages in John 15 and Romans 11, which both take up the symbolism of the vine and the branches to represent Christ and His people. Branches may be cast off, and the reason they are cast off is disobedience stemming from unbelief.

    There is a need for abiding in Christ once we are in Him. Christ’s sacrifice covers us and makes us accepted in the beloved, but our continual obedience produces the growth necessary to our salvation – the fruit of righteousness.

    I have a post over on my page called A Call to Worship. I think you might enjoy it. It discusses these passages in the light of the fourth commandment. God bless!

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