Poppy Lifestyle!

Hi All!  I wanted to tell you about a new shoe company whose sole purpose is uplifting fellow women like yourselves and the women around you.  It’s called Poppy!  How cute is that?

The creators of Poppy value compassion and kindness and are dedicated to inspiring women to follow their dreams.  I had the privilege of talking to the ladies at Poppy and I love hearing about some of the ladies they feature on their blog.   Poppy Life!

They have a unique shoe, unlike any that I’ve seen and they are amazingly comfortable!!  I love their runner, Poppy Nights!  I am a preschool teacher and they are perfect for the days where I’m on my feet from the moment I wake up to the moment I sit down at night.  Super comfy!!


I hope you stop by and give them some love.  They are a new company and I’m glad I found them!!


Website:  https://poppylifestyle.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poppylifestyle/



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