Fiercely Pray

I prefer to give my kids appropriate news information for their young minds.  I shelter them from the things of this world that their minds would not be able to process or appropriately move on from.  There are topics that the kids will hear about without my prompting and then discussions need to happen in order for their minds to process and move on.

We had a horribly terrifying subject come up.  I would like to not ever have to talk about this with my children, but life is happening all around them.  Life isn’t always pretty, so naturally, they will find out things that I don’t think they are ready to know about.

My kids and I talked about the missing Nigerian school girls who were kidnapped.  The magnitude of the situation left their minds full of questions.  They wondered about their ages, where they lived, who did this, why did they do this, where are they now, what is happening to them, who is helping, why aren’t they saved, when will they be saved.  This was terribly sad for them to comprehend.

I was as gentle and compassionate as I could be.  I didn’t give an enormous amount of detail, but I did have to satisfy their questions.  I saw the sadness fill my boys eyes.  They were deeply hurt for the girls and their families.  We prayed and concluded that Satan is the only evil that could do something so unbelievably terrorizing.

In the months before, I had heard much about what was happening, and I had become numb to their story.  It’s hard to even call it a story, because really it is someones grief and terror.  The sadness I witnessed in my boys eyes, reminded me of the largeness of what the young girls were going through and never getting a break from.  I found myself thankful for the little things and especially thankful for their safety.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NIV) …pray continually

Praying without ceasing never meant as much to me as it did in this moment.  While we cannot physically be there or be a part of the plan to rescue them, we can be part of God’s plan to comfort them through prayer.

God is using the frightening situation with the girls to instill in all of us, the necessity of fiercely praying.  The sorrow I saw in my kids eyes, reminded me it’s not just a story. Evil is playing out in the world and people are endlessly suffering.

I live in a Country where we are taking one whole day to think about what we are thankful for.  I’m thankful for the lives of these girls.  They are precious in God’s kingdom and He will rescue them, heal them and use them.  Of course I have no idea how He is planning on doing this, but I have faith that the sweet young souls are in His hands.  I feel God is with them and protecting them, even in their horror.  He has not abandoned them.  I’m thankful to have a God so big and so mighty!

Evil exists and is everywhere we turn.  There is a battle raging war around our land, we must put on the full armor of God everyday.  Evil things are happening and they are more than stories.  They are part of someones testimony.  They are excruciating and they are happing right this minute.  There’s nothing my God cannot do to help us.

God we ask you to bless the sweet girls and we thank You for hearing our cries for them.

Fiercely pray for this kidnapping and all evils to be vanquished.  God is bigger and we proclaim Jesus as our Savior.  Lord hear our prayers.


6 thoughts on “Fiercely Pray

  1. Pray without ceasing is how these young girls will survive. That is how we will survive when the terrible struggles of life come. In each life, God sends a support system way beyond our comprehension when hard comes to us. I recently watched my dear friend die of cancer. All I could do was wipe her forehead and fan her with a piece of paper as she lay in her hospital bed slowing shutting down her body-home and going to her Spirit-home. She walked out of this world so brave. God sent her an enormous amount of peace to walk away from her husband, farm, friends, life with the grace of an angel. To pray without ceasing is the only way to dive into that pool of grace. We need to pray without ceasing for our survival and for the support of the young girls….and all those we don’t know that are suffering….for this world to see the return of JESUS. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear of the passing of your friend, Amanda. An answer to prayer indeed, that you were there for her and her family. I agree, it is the only way to survive when the terrible struggle of life come our way. I’m in awe of those He sends our way in response to our prayers. Much love to you Amanda, we are grateful for you.


  3. I’m from Nigeria and the news that girls that are roughly my age mates were kidnapped from their school was so heartbreaking. And it took a while for it to settle that people could be so evil and such evil was happening around me. I wanted to do so much to help the girls and console their families but I realised that I could only pray for God’s intervention and raise awareness so the issue won’t go unattended. I guess the only true and effective security comes from the hands of the Lord. I pray the girls get home soon.

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  4. Bisii, I thank God for your safety. Thank you for praying and raising awareness, God is using you, dear one. They are in my hearts and I will pray like their lives depend on it, because their lives do depend God’s interventions. I’m going to continue to join you in praying they come home. Bless you.


  5. Cyndi, I so appreciate your words. It is shocking to me how forgetful I become. Something else happens someplace else and it’s weeks or months before I’m brought back to the reality these girls still live in daily. We often use prayer as our last resort, but it is the very best we have to offer first to God and on behalf of whomever we lift to the Father.

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  6. I feel the same way, Janna. I didn’t think of it that way before, but we do sometimes use prayer as a last resort, when it should be our first thought. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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