What is your Christmas tradition?

It’s that time of year again!  My heart is filled with joy!  I love filling my home and my family with the love of Jesus, as we prepare for one of the most important days in our faith.  We are going to set up our Christmas tree and get out our Good News Box!  I cherish this tradition and I adore this time with my family, throughout every night in December.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

How do you celebrate the birth of Christ?

5 thoughts on “What is your Christmas tradition?

    1. I agree! We love spending Christmas with family!! Unfortunately they are thousands of miles away so we are spending it with our friends this year!


  1. Christmas Eve services, family day on Christmas Day and keeping our German traditions alive and well, St Nicholas Day – Dec 6 and it is the ChristKindt that comes Christmas Eve.

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    1. Love it, Patty! What German traditions does your family do? We add some of our Latvian heritage to our celebrations. Well, mainly just for some of the main foods. We love to make Piragi. It’s a yummy, ham, bacon, onion roll. I’ve never had anything quite so yummy!


      1. Piragi sounds delicious – you should post the recipe. We have always celebrated St Nicholas Day, actually I will write about that next month, and the celebration of the Krist Kindt coming Christmas Eve instead of Santa on Christmas day. And of coarse some of the German foods, like lebekucken, stollen (sure my spelling is off) but we only had the traditional goose when we lived in Germany, don’t think my dad cared much for it or possibly it was not as easy to get turkey!! 😉

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