Christian Candy?

 Christian Candy?  —  By: Amanda H.

So much has been happening lately….where do I begin? I recently read about Christian Candy! Wow! Do you know what that is? It sounds good and is good. But too much of anything is NOT GOOD.

Christian Candy Ingredients:

Christian T-Shirt, Christian CD’s, Christian Concerts, Christian Cruises, Christian Books, etc.

I love all of these. But, we have to grow up! We have to see that all these candies take money and this same money can speak the word “Jesus” to a lost soul. For example, someone in Zambia who has never heard JESUS LOVES YOU before.  I thought about this. Then the questions poured in on me. Why do we spend so much money to make us look more identifiable as Christians, or to spend more time celebrating being a Christian, or soaking in the joy of our faith while disturbingly in contrast, we spend so little sending to the disadvantaged side of the world where the villages of people have never heard His precious name? That t-shirt, cd, book, concert are all distractions to what God called us to do. Wow! This is not what I wanted to feel or hear.

But this time, I took advantage of my “spiritual spanking” and started pursuing the goal of raising and sending $2000 to Zambia, to the remote villages. I know a man personally who has gone and has done this. A man that is a friend of ours will take this money and buy bicycles for Zambia pastors. I can hand this to them! I can!!!

Let me explain. The Zambian pastors walk EIGHT HOURS to hear another pastor read the Word of God to them in their language.  They have lots of Bibles in English but they don’t speak English. Then the same pastors walk many more hours into the remote areas to remote villages to share what they heard. We can help. I can help. I will help.

Once my goal money arrives I will be able to buy 20 bikes there in Zambia where the bikes will be built. One man has the parts sent in and he makes them there. Tadahhh! So easy. These men will have bicycles to ride to wherever they can to spread the WORD OF GOD! They are better at explaining the Word than English speakers. They are more welcomed. They are willing and ready, called by God. See the photo I added of these men when they got their first bicycles. How happy they were.

After I reach that goal, I am going to take the extra money to buy Bibles for the pastors to take and give to the new believers. This doesn’t sound like a big deal does it? It isn’t a big deal. What is the big deal?

God has shown me in a very serious way that people will be held accountable. You cannot sit around eating “Christian Candy” while there are souls that need to know Jesus! You have been fed now give the leftovers to the next guy! Selfishness…total entitlement mentalities! In the body ofChrist, let us hear where we have failed!

I apologize for sounding so pushy, but I am 53 years old, and I have wasted a lot of time! Don’t waste time like I have. Spread the WORD to the jungles, the deserts, and the other side of the world. Ask God to give you a personal contact with someone who is brave and has been called to go deliver the gifts you gather. Tell your friends and family, neighbors and church people to donate and help you make your goal. I feel so good knowing that I am sharing my soul-food with the hungry souls, those hungry for Jesus.

When you lay your head down on the pillow tonight and sigh a deep sigh of comfort knowing your sins have been forgiven, think of the souls who don’t even know WHO they are missing. Make it your goal to reach them.  Just start small! Small adds up! God is counting on us. I want to be held accountable!\

9 thoughts on “Christian Candy?

  1. Would you believe that last night and this morning I felt let to pray about using my time and finances better – for time and financial management. God did not take long to answer me. I too am “gulty” of purchasing too much Christian Candy, I love it and feeds the soul but like regular candy is empty calories, Christian Candy leaves us empty if we fill up on too much. All I have is in the bible – my balanced meal. What a wake up call to have a more balanced life in my Christian walk. Now to listen where and how God will lead me to a more balanced and managed life that will glorify Him!!

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  2. You know what I love most about this post, is that the money you are raising has a purpose. The purpose is defined. It is not just raising money to send to Zambia. No. It is money to buy bicycles to give pastors.

    Would love to know how far you are at, right now.

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    1. Sorry for delay in response, Daphyn. Here is my update: I started sharing my idea in October. Just this past Sunday, the Sunday school classes put in over $300 for the goal! I have a good friend who approached her family and expects about $400 from them. I personally know of another $400 from myself and church friends. So, in less than a month we have $1100. See how rich we are in the LORD? I hope that we will continue to receive and have enough for Bibles and nice backpacks to help them carry their work on their backs…literally carrying the cross.I have started an Etsy shop to provide more funds. My contact is buying land for an orphanage and digging wells for them to grow their own food. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be on a different road. I am a missionary with my time. I serve the LOST. Praising God. Praying for you to be inspired. We can make a difference….we can!

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  3. Yes – we can make a difference, no matter how big or small, God makes it all great when do it for His glory! Thank you for sharing the difference you are making in the lives of these beautiful people.

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