Bringing Jesus back! The Good News Box

You might have been like my husband and I, and felt lost in the busyness of the Christmas season.  Some years we made it to December 26th and realized we barely talked about Jesus because he was drowned out by all of the other exciting things that would distract us and our kids.  I’m not proud to admit that, but unfortunately it was true and CONVICTING!

It’s exciting to see our kids visit Santa, hang stockings, wear cute Christmas pajamas, make Christmas decorations, decorate our tree, find the perfect gift that will light up their world, and the list goes on.   

With all of the noise, we got lost and couldn’t see or feel the true meaning of why we were celebrating!  I love Santa, and I love to give gifts and make Christmas crafts!  I love Jesus even MORE and I wanted to make Him the main event during Christmas!  

We still have a visit from Santa and we still decorate our tree and find special gifts for one another.  BUT, that isn’t what 95% of our discussions are about during the month of December!   Our hearts have slowly been transformed to knowing and appreciating Christ all the days of the year, and especially during Christmas.  I wanted a way for bring Jesus back to the front of our entire month of December!

I’m excited to share The Good News Box with you.  My husband and I have been reading the devotions and doing the activities for over 10 years now, and I can attest to how this has helped our family make Jesus a priority!  When we think about Christmas, we still remember Santa and gift giving, but our hearts and minds are focused on Jesus!  

I’m happy that I can now start sharing bits and pieces of this book with you!  It’s not quite ready to be purchased, but will be available in a few weeks!  It will be affordable and I will be donating much of the proceeds back to God!  Without His son, this book wouldn’t even exist, so it only makes sense to do good works with God’s blessings.  

My prayer is for more of us to bring Jesus back to the main event this Christmas!  May God bless you!!  


Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.57.05 AM
Here’s part of a page in the book!

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